Public Speaking

Sean Dunn, Orrery Co-Founder and Primary Consultant, is an experienced public speaker and ediscovery lecturer. Please contact Orrery if you would like to schedule Sean for one of the below ediscovery presentations or if you would like him to speak on other ediscovery matters.


  • E-Discovery 101
  • Thru the Looking Glass: E-Discovery in/with Large Complex Enterprises
  • The UN can’t run without Translators, neither can ediscovery
    • Target audiences are business leaders, legal departments, IT Departments, law firms, government & law schools/CLEs/educational settings
    • Discussion: The best way to maximize your value in the ediscovery process is to be able to translate legalese to IT speak and vice versa
  • The Information Environment: A New Paradigm for Ediscovery
    • IT systems, particular in large entities, are more accurately viewed as constantly evolving environments/ecosystems as opposed to static entities
  • Strategic vs Tactical ediscovery
    • Differentiates tactical and strategic ediscovery, emphasizes value of both
  • How To Get Into Ediscovery
    • Tailored to lawyers/legal professionals, IT and/or students
  • Discovery & Ethics
    • Discusses the presumption of unethical conduct in ediscovery and analyzes derivation thereof
  • Current/Upcoming eDiscovery Challenges
    • Virtual Desktops/BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
    • Cloud Solutions
    • Mobile Devices
    • Information Security
  • eDiscovery: Past, present & Where It’s Going